Why is it Important to Have Campus Security

At this prime time in their life, a university student is already worrying about their studies, their future, working part-time and finding their place in this world.
A university campus should be a safe haven for both students and their parents, where they can safely barrel through the highs and lows of young adulthood without having to worry about their safety.
Why is it Important to Have Campus Security

Protecting students and residents of the area should be the top priority for any university, which is why campus security systems are more important now than ever before.

Reinforcing a sense of belonging for every student and bolstering the campus’s community identity only touch the surface on why security is essential to any university.
Here are a few more reasons on why every campus needs security:
It relieves the concerns of parents and incoming students.
Education and experience a student or parent can find at any university. A sense of security, not as often. Having solid security system in place that has proven to work for many years helps the parents and students feel secure.
This develops trust with the university and can boost the university’s image, as well.
It helps prevent violence of all kinds.

While more serious cases don’t occur on campus everyday, they are not unheard of. Violence, sexual harassment, physical altercations are preventable with security systems in place. Patrolling security guards provide peace of mind for the students. They should feel safe in the presence of security, not fear it.

Having security guards throughout campus creates for a safe environment and makes sure that students feel comfortable and safe to do as they please without any fear.
It manages student diversity.
College campuses are growing more and more diverse throughout the years. While that may be a good thing, a sign of the world’s capability of progression, it comes with its repercussions.
Tension or conflicts that may exist among the student body and it is up to the university to ensure that it does not escalate into violence. Campus security guards can and should be present during any student protests that occur or any other campus events that may potentially lead to violence.
It makes sure first responders are ready.
Scenarios in need of quick responses don’t always have to emerge from violence. Some may be concerning a student’s health or well being, which would require medical assistance. Having campus security guards available to respond right away can be the difference between life or death.
All security guards are trained to handle these exact situations and can be sure to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.
It addresses issues with students.
The lives of university students don’t end when classes do. Colleges nightlife activities can get out of hand, especially on the weekends and when alcohol is involved.
Having security guards patrolling the residential areas after school hours will limit any unnecessary issues that could arise due to intoxication, as well as prevent any dangerous activities from occurring. 
One cannot stop university kids from partying, but you can keep them safe by implementing proper security measures.

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