Our Services

Armed Security & CIT

ATM First Line Response, ATM Guarding & Cash In Transit

Security Guards

Security Guards – 24/7

Mobile Patrol

Vehicle patrols every night across Gippsland and Latrobe Valley

Alarm Monitoring

Operator available 24hrs, monitoring all types of alarm systems

Crowd Control

Professional crowd controllers and bodyguard for your venue

Event Security

Security guards for private and public events


Frequently Asked Questions

A security guards aims to protect individuals and property against the risk of crime, vandalism, assault, robbery, and other illegal activities. A security guard serves as both a preventative and reactive measure to ensure your safety. Our security can be your eyes and ears, giving you a sense of security in your home or business.


Zagame Security Group serves to protect you whether it be a government office, factory, bank, shopping centre or even your home, with our security guards – you are in safe hands.

Zagame Security Group provides professional security services provided to you by highly trained professional security guards across all the areas of Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, Sale, Warragul, Drouin, Pakenham, and Melbourne. If you are unsure if we provide security services in your area, please give us a call, or submit an inquiry to find out today.

Call Us: 1300 989 676
Zagame security group provide a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Armed security & CIT
    ATM first line response as well as ATM guarding and cash in transit services.
  • Security Guards
    Highly trained and qualified guards available to monitor your property 24/7
  • Mobile Patrol
    Our guards can provide security on the road, patrolling the area and keeping an eye an ear out for any hint of crime or danger.
  • Alarm Monitoring
    Our operators are available 24/7 to monitor your alarm systems.
  • Crowd Control
    Our professional crowd controllers are available to keep your venue under control.
  • Event Security
    Security guards are available for your event both public and private.

Read more on our services here: https://zagamesecurity.com.au/our-services/
Our Security officers and operators are provided with a ZSG (Zagame Security Group) branded shirt, paired with appropriate pants and protective wear where necessary. All of these are of course black to keep up the level of professionalism and safety for our guards.

Investing in a security means investing in the safety of your people, property, and business. Leaving your safety in the hands of highly qualified and highly trained guards means you can always feel safe and secure.


Security guards are there to reduce the risk of your assets being stolen and therefore the amount of money you would need to spend on replacing stock or your personal belongings.

All our security guards hold a valid Victorian security license; as well as this, any newly licensed and inexperienced security that join our team undergo training. We also have licensed armed guards and cash in transit officers which ensures all security that go out to jobs are equipped and ready to take on anything that may be thrown at them.
Alarm systems are put in place to keep your people, property, and assets safe at the risk of someone compromising that. Alarm monitoring means any detected risk can be responded to as quickly as possible. A ZSG operator is available 24hrs a day to monitor the security system for your home or business.
Zagame security group is covered for up to 20 million in public liability insurance. This means you have peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong, we have you covered.
Rod Zagami, manager, and owner of Zagame security group started in the security industry in 1992 and has operated his security business since early 1999 in East Gippsland. Rod and his team of experienced operators share a wealth of knowledge meaning you are in safe and capable hands. Zagame security group itself was formed in 2014 servicing East Gippsland, Sale, Latrobe Valley, and Melbourne.
We have both armed and unarmed guards available depending on the kind of job they are attending. We understand in certain cased being armed is pivotal in ensuring the safety of our guards and the people around them however we also understand certain events will not require this.