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Professional Crowd Controllers & Bodyguard to your Venue or Event

Distinctly Uniformed Crowd Controllers monitor crowd/patron behaviour check legal age, monitor patron entry points to venues based on criteria such as; intoxication, aggressive behaviour, or other standards. Our Management team will sit down with venue Owners, Managers and Operators, we will discuss your security needs, a venue specific standard operating procedure will be put in place with all requirements as advised by the venue, our crowd controller will be required to follow all procedures.

You will be assigned experienced professional crowd controllers & bodyguard to your venue or event with a senior crowd controller in place as a supervisor, that venue or event management will liaise with.

Zagame Security Group Crowd Control & Bodyguard

Hosting a large-scale event with a significant number of patrons can leave you feeling vulnerable and uneasy. Hiring security professionals to keep your large crowds under control can help to alleviate this feeling giving you the time to focus on other functions of the event. Having crowd controllers present can act as a natural deterrent for any potential criminal activity as patrons often fear the repercussions when someone with a certain level of power and security equipment is present. Additionally, security can help other patrons feel safe knowing they have eyes and ears always covering the grounds of the event. Crowd controllers are able to respond quickly should an issue such as a fight or use of illegal substance take place, our highly trained officers are equipped to remove any threats or potential threats before they escalate.
The Zagame Security Group having been taught to be as discrete as possible when handling situations to avoid adding any extra panic or reaction from the crowd. Our team of security professionals have worked with crowds both big and small heading into the thousands, you can be reassured they are capable of keeping your patrons safe no matter the situation.

All employees are trained in first aid and professional communication procedures. Whether you’re a licensed venue or a Sunday family-friendly event, our employees always put the interests of our clients first.

Zagame Security Group has $20 Million public liability insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance in place so you the client are covered at all times.

We are a professional security company and our aim is to provide you with crowd control & bodyguard services of a high standard, as well as legally protect your business at all times.

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