Armed Security & Cash In Transit Melbourne

Armed Security Melbourne

ARMED SECURITY and Cash in Transit ( CIT ) Services Throughout Gippsland and Melbourne

With over 30 years of experience in the security business working with industries including retail, hospitality, medical, and local government; you can be assured the cash-in-transit delivery process will be performed by professionally trained and experienced security personnel. The Zagame Security Group team are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience every time and pride ourselves on ensuring you are satisfied. Cash in transit is the safe and secure way to manage the transportation of your money, our team is trained to be discreet throughout this process to ensure the general public is not aware of the significant transactions being made

We have a wealth of experience providing cash-in-transit (CIT) services to all kinds of customers from financial institutions and local government to retail and hospitality sectors and medical centres.

Zagame Security Group grants you experienced uniformed or covert armed guards (risk assessment dependent) to deter and prevent robbery, and save time for your business.

What we Offer

Given our extensive experience working with businesses and events big and small with proven customer satisfaction, Zagame Security Group are the obvious choice when it comes to providing an extra level of security. Our experienced and reliable team serve to protect your people, business, assets, and reputation, with armed guards available around the clock to suit your unique needs and requirements. Our team are trained to respond to high-risk environments with the capabilities to react to any situation that may arise in an efficient and safe manner.

Armed security is known to not only add an extra layer of protection but deter criminal activity simply by having an armed weapon at arm’s reach. Our team can respond to crime should it arise, while you are waiting for emergency services to arrive on the scene.

Cash in Transit services are generally provided to coincide with banking hours.
For collection and secure storage outside of banking hours contact Rod Zagami to discuss your requirements.

ATM First Line Maintenance & Response

Stretching through the Gippsland area to outer Melbourne and the Sapphire Coast of NSW, Zagame Security Group offers ATM First Line Maintenance. Zagame Security Group will provide trained FLM Technicians and Guards to complete the following First Line Maintenance activities:
Cash In Transit Melbourne

ATM Guarding

Zagame Security Group has a dedicated Guard Allocation team, focused solely on Guard bookings. This team handles Guarding requests to ensure targets and SLAs are met. Zagame Security Group Guarding:

Other Services

Security Guards

Security Guards – 24/7

Mobile Patrol

Vehicle patrols every night across Gippsland and Latrobe Valley

Alarm Monitoring

Operator available 24hrs, monitoring all types of alarm systems

Crowd Control

Professional crowd controllers for your venue or event

Event Guard

Security guards for private and public events


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