What you Can Do to Secure your Warehouse Now

Companies all over Australia depend on their warehouses to store valuable aspects of their business, and security problems will result in financial losses as well as lower employee morale, which is why running your own warehouse is as stressful as it is fulfilling.
What you Can Do to Secure your Warehouse Now
Ease off some of the load by implementing these steps to secure your warehouse, especially after hours.


The internal and external activities of all corners of your facility should be monitored via a live feed.

Don’t disregard proper lighting.
Ensure your warehouse is well-lit all throughout, as to avoid any blind spots or space for dangerous activity.
Devise a proper policy for trash and scrap removal from the warehouse.
Some warehouses may be storing fragile or possibly dangerous goods. When in need of disposal, make sure cannot be used or accessed by anyone who comes across it.
Don’t allow visitors roaming in the warehouse without supervision of warehouse staff
Your warehouse is not a museum. Visitors, especially children, should not be roaming without supervision to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

Integrate a warehouse security system for your inventory management system.

This is an efficient way to track if any of your goods have been stolen, damaged or lost.
Entrance and exit doors of the warehouse should be heavily secured.
Only employees and authorized people should be able to access a control system by the entrances and exits. Security personnel should also be stationed by the doors.
Prepare for emergency situations.
Install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and have your staff learn basic safety protocol when unforeseen circumstances occur.
Enclose your storage facilities with a perimeter fencing.
Install a fence surrounding your warehouse or implement procedural techniques to secure the yard from unlawful entry.
Hire security personnel.
Security members are there to protect your staff. Someone committing fraud and theft may assault your staff, or continued theft can put jobs at stake and endanger lives.
Regular review and maintenance of the warehouse security system should be done.
As time passes, it’s normal for fences to wear out and for devices to become faulty. Do regular checks on your measures to ensure you’re getting the best security from your efforts.

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