What Makes a Great Security Company?

Standing out against your competitors after the last two years for any company, has proven to be a challenge. Suddenly, delivering a product or service is no longer enough, it is about what makes you different and what message you are trying to communicate to your audience. For the security business, one that spent two whole years on stand-by, now more than ever it is important to find your point of difference and drive clients to choose you over the next guy.

Understanding Your Responsibility

A lot of responsibility comes with running a security business, the safety of those within your community and their property falls into your hands. Zagame Security Group understands this and takes the safety of their people very seriously. One of the key drivers to being a great security company, is training your guards to know when to stand down and let the customer believe they are in the right. Unfortunately, as tough as this scenario can be, in most cases you’re fighting a losing battle and the customer can become irate which puts your guards and those around them in an unsafe situation.

Hiring a Strong Team

A security company that hires just anyone off the street to deliver a security service is not going to come out on top, taking extra care when hiring your guards will help ensure you are delivering excellence. All guards should have the appropriate experience, attitude, qualifications, and a clean background check. This will ensure you, as a manager have peace of mind knowing you have a capable team representing your brand at every job big or small.

Maintaining Physical fitness

As a security guard, you never truly know the circumstances you will find yourself in; it is for that reason it is crucial your physical fitness is always kept in check. Having the comfort of knowing your body can respond to any situation at a rapid pace is more valuable than any other skill you may hold. It is the responsibility of all guards to ensure they lead a lifestyle that allows them to outrun a thief or respond to an emergency that requires them to move, and fast.

Communication Skills

Often, guards are they first point of contact at an event or venue; they are the ones who are checking bags, scanning people in and greeting them at the door. Security Guards come into communication with so many people from so many walks of life, it is important they have the communication skills to talk to anybody. Communication skills will also be pivotal when faced with an aggressive or emotionally distressed patron, being able to talk someone down and level with them is a big part of doing the job.
Being a security guard is more than meets the eye, it takes courage, confidence, understanding and keeping fit. There are many considerations when trying to build a successful security business, with the right tools and a great team you can achieve the goals you set out.
How Can Zagame Help?
Zagame Security has a team of professional crowd controllers and bodyguards who can assist with your events. Our team are all experienced professionals with the knowledge and ability to keep your guests safe and ensure your event runs smoothly and all attendees have a great time.
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