Tips On How To Protect Yourself As A Security Guard

Security guards are a common sight in modern-day society – from banks and retail stores to corporate buildings and government facilities, these professionals are tasked with keeping people and property safe. But who protects the security guards? In a world that unfortunately comes with threats both known and unknown, how do they protect themselves?

How security guards protect themselves
1. Learning self-defense
Some companies offer training in self-defense techniques that help security guards protect themselves while they’re on the job. These techniques involve striking points on the body that cause pain and weaken your opponent, so you have time to get away or call for help.
2. Wearing protective gear
Security guards should wear protective vests, hard hats, or other protective gear when they’re working in dangerous environments, or using devices like pepper spray and stun guns.
3. Be alert
a guard should be alert at all times, and employ keen observation and memory techniques to assist with monitoring.
4. Dress appropriately
A guard should wear comfortable shoes (to be able to walk or run as needed) and clothing that is not too baggy or too tight. These clothes should have pockets to easily carry a radio, flashlight, notebook, etc.
4. Professional attitude
A guard should strive for professionalism at all times and remain calm when interacting with those around them. They should refrain from making any physical contact with others unless it’s absolutely necessary and can be clearly explained and justified.
5. Be prepared for anything
A good rule of thumb is to always expect more than one person per vehicle if you’re stopping cars at night; never let anyone get behind you without knowing where they are; and don’t turn your back on anyone who might pose a threat.
Security guards are grounded in the understanding that there is potential danger in every corner of their workplace, which is why they’re trained to react accordingly when a situation arises and engage with those involved professionally and efficiently to ensure the safety of all.
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