Security Guards and Asset Protection

Life is a series of unexpected events, and it is inevitable to predict the future. We do all our best to grow our business, family, people, and assets. But what have you done to protect this said assets? There are different ways to protect your physical assets. As we all know, Prevention is better than cure. Here are few ways we can help you out protect your assets.

Security Guard

A fully Qualified Security guards can attend any site at any time assuring the safety of a given location.

Mobile Patrol

Monitoring your premises throughout the day and night to make sure it’s not subject to intrusion. Hence protecting your assets.

Cash in transit

Secure your assets when transferring on the road is very critical. Hire the right team to help you protect your assets as you value your business.

Learn how Zagame Security will be able to protect your assets here.

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Rod Zagami has operated a security business since early 1999 in East Gippsland and has established a professional and efficient security service. Zagame Security Group was formed in 2014, expanding the range of products and services we offer our clients.

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