Restaurant Safety and Security: Steps to Protect Your Livelihood

Restaurant security should be one of the biggest priorities for owners of a restaurant operation. It is too easy to get complacent and take the “it won’t happen to us” approach.
restaurant safety and security
You need to get your safety and security measurements up to speed from the moment your business opens its doors as protecting diners is also part of the experience you are supposed to be offering.

To ensure your restaurant safety and security, take careful note of these points:

Control restaurant entry.
Do not bite off more than you can chew when letting customers in. When people are overcrowding your restaurant, it would be easy for your staff to lose control of the situation and it would be harder to keep track of all the individuals inside.
It might also be worth putting up a sign saying something like: “We reserve the right to refuse admission” as this helps stop troublemakers coming into the restaurant.
Have tables a certain distance apart.
This is a security measure as clients feel more comfortable and have enough space to protect their things. It’s also a way to prevent misunderstandings and stop people from taking other people’s things.
Put up hooks in strategic places.
Having hidden hooks in inaccessible places under the bar or tables for customers to hang their bags and belongings on is also a classic restaurant security measure. With such hooks in restaurant-goers, clients can relax and enjoy the experience as there is less chance of theft or robbery.
Increase measures outdoors.
If your restaurant offers outside dining, we recommend installing strong lights so the whole outside area is well lit and keeping a close eye on what is going on, even at night.
Be careful how you treat customers if an incident occurs.
You need to be kind, patient, and carefully look after clients who are robbed or experience some other incident in your restaurant. It’s no good acting quickly or efficiently solving the problem if you don’t treat clients tactfully as they will become exasperated, anxious, and angry. Your staff needs to understand what has happened and respond appropriately.
Implement an action plan.
It’s useful to have a list of possible security incidents that could arise with what to do in each case. It would be handy to have contact with local security personnel that are trained to handle these types of situations.
Use burglar alarms.
This is a classic security measure for protecting businesses whether they’re open or closed. At Zagame Security Group, we recommend 24/7 back-to-base monitoring for all security alarm systems. In the event of an alarm being activated, a signal will be sent to the monitoring centre where staff will action it by your predetermined response plan.
Keep an eye out with video surveillance.
If finances allow, it’s worth installing a video surveillance system as this will show you anything untoward going on. This is one of the most effective security measures for restaurants and is a good way to make this tiresome work easier. CCTV cameras also tell criminals they’re being watched and show clients they are being protected.
Hire security personnel.

Our fully qualified and highly experienced security guards at Zagame Security Group can attend to your livelihood, keeping your restaurant safe and your mind at peace.

Employing a security guard service for your restaurant reduces response times and creates a professional image for your restaurant. It also prevents responses from employees or other customers which could be impulsive or even harmful in extreme cases.
Remember that diners look for restaurants that feel safe and provide personalised attention. This also includes the staff team as the more harmoniously they co-exist, the better they’ll work and this will reap rewards. Certainly worth striving for!

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