How To Prepare For Emergency Situations On Campus

Most campuses and institutions are becoming more aware of the complexity of the world wherein emergency situations don’t just include weather-related disasters.
Some involve human violence, rape, and attacks with weapons. While emphasis should always be placed on the prevention of these extreme situations, universities need to devise emergency plans and rehearse responses within the campus community.
How To Prepare For Emergency Situations On Campus
Students, faculty, and staff need to be aware of what they actions they must take if these scenarios do occur.
Have all students and faculty to program Triple Zero and the campus police emergency number into their phone.
Ask your student about emergency drills (evacuation, lockdown, etc.) that have taken place.
Going over the information again with you should help fix it in your student’s mind.
Ensure that direct supervisors have the names and phone numbers of their students and their parents.
Parents of the students should also be advised to have the contact details of their child’s roommates and close friends.
Students, faculty and staff should understand the natural hazards on and near their campus and what the warnings for each mean.
Students, faculty and staff must be aware of multiple ways out (including fire exits) of the buildings they frequent on campus.
During emergencies, most people would normally crowd to the main entrance/exit. Make sure everyone is aware of the emergency or alternative exits.
Encourage on-hand 72-hour kits.
– An emergency kit that includes a three-day supply of non-perishable food (dried fruit, nuts, bars, tuna packets, crackers, etc.), water and other essentials will help anyone stranded on campus during any weather-related incidents.

It’s very important to know and be prepared for every situation, especially when on school grounds. Zagame Security Group is the leading security service provider in East Gippsland, Melbourne, Sales and other areas in Victoria. We ensure your safety any time, anywhere because your security is our business.

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