5 Misconceptions About Security Cameras (And the Reality Behind Them)

There’s been a host of underlying myths about security cameras. While your favorite crime dramas or sci-fi movies might tell you one thing, the ground reality is far from the truth.
5 Misconceptions About Security Cameras
It is therefore important to bust such myths well ahead of time and have the right information at hand, especially if you haven’t previously installed security cameras in your Melbourne home or business. Here are some well-known myths about security cameras and what you need to know:
1. All Security Cameras Function Similarly
This is the most common type of myth people know about security cameras. While most CCTV cameras may look the same and come with capabilities like 24×7 video capture, not all cameras have the exact same functionality.
Security cameras come in all sorts of specifications with some being more advanced than others. Some even offer features like number plate tracking, POS transaction monitoring, and long-range laser night vision (something not found in regular cameras). Make sure you get the right one that fits your needs.
2. No Wires are Needed for Wireless Security Cameras
Unlike wireless speakers or headphones, wireless security cameras aren’t completely wireless. They still require cabling to connect to their power source. The term in this context refers to the camera not needing wires to connect with the storage hub.
Since wireless cameras use the internet to communicate, they mainly save everything on the cloud. However, they still rely on wires to connect to power outlets and thus can’t be called truly wireless.
3. Security Cameras Capture Everything in Sight
While it seems true, not every camera is able to capture a wider field of view. The reason being the type of lens being used. Different lenses give different reach and vision which limit the camera’s ability to document a certain object within the frame.
So, the next time you spot a camera in a building premises, keep in mind that it’s not always recording everything in front or around it crystal clear. This is why choosing the right locations during installation is crucial for covering key areas in your location.
4. Choosing Security Camera Positions is Simple
Picking the recommended spot for installation is difficult and tricky. Placing cameras in non-recommended areas can further shorten their versatility and effectiveness.
With the right bit of research, you can find great options or even an entire security camera system within your budget.
5. Security Camera Systems are Expensive to Afford
Not all security cameras are expensive. Excluding those with highly advanced surveillance technology, there are several affordable ones in the market today that offer robust security features without breaking the bank.
With the right bit of research, you can find great options or even an entire security camera system within your budget.
Look no further!
Anyone can practice basic security measures and lock up their business, but it takes real security professionals to put up the best possible security system for you.
As a Gold member of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL), we at Zagame Security Group make sure that you are getting the service you paid for. We provide a variety of security alarm systems, monitored by a 24/7 operator, that will keep an eye out for any intruders. We also go beyond the walls of your building, and we send out mobile patrols with GPS and surveillance-equipped gears every night to monitor the outskirts of your home or business.
You deserve security providers who know what’s best for you. Contact us today at 1300 989 676 or at our website for a FREE quote!

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