10 Tips to Improve Office Security

Every day, the walls of your office bear witness to the endless circulation of data from one person to another. Documents are constantly passed around, everyone is talking about the next big campaign for the company, and rhythmic keyboard clacking can be heard as everyone encodes classified data on their computers.
This cycle is what keeps the productivity of your workplace alive. As a result, any possible interruption that can occur can greatly harm your business, and security breaches are perhaps one of the most feared interruptions in business management.
10 Tips To Improve Office Security
Fortunately, you do not have to navigate this daunting responsibility alone! Here are 10 ways to improve security at your office.
1. Hire a security guard

This method may be a no-brainer, but one should not take these guards for granted! Security guards can take over many tasks for you, such as attending to the visitors’ clearance and monitoring those who are on-site, allowing you and your employees to be more focused on work.

Professionally licensed security guards have also been trained to deal with any emergencies they may encounter on the job, further granting you peace of mind of your office’s safety.
2. Have emergency procedures in place
Just like how schools conduct fire drills in case a fire breaks out, your workplace should also have emergency plans in place in case anything untoward happens at the office. Make sure that all involved personnel are aware of these procedures as well.
Some scenarios you can run-through with your staff when training them for these are securing sensitive assets and attending to the safety of clients and employees during such scenarios.
3. Install alarm systems
Whether you choose a wired or wireless alarm system, both systems can provide you the necessary security you need for your office.

For maximum security, consider availing of a centrally monitored alarm system as well, which will allow professional security groups to immediately contact authorities when the alarms get activated.

4. Integrate security systems
The best part about incorporating security systems in your workplace is that there are a variety of security systems you can use, depending on what you think best fit your workplace. CCTV, Access Control Management, and Audio Detection are some of the systems you can add to make your office more secure than ever.
5. Take background checks seriously
Background checks might seem simple enough—obviously, don’t hire a repeated criminal offender into your company—but these are also important to better understand the living situations of your employees. Messy divorces, unresolved family or work conflicts, or stalking issues are some examples of personal backgrounds that can make your workplace awry if it gets out of hand.
You may hire specialists to advise you on what steps you may take as an employer if you are unsure on how to deal with the situation of a certain staff member.
6. Protect your printers
This may be a shock to you, but printers are not just channels for you to print your documents. Modern printers often store documents in their on-board memories like a storage disk. As such, a hacked or stolen printer is tantamount to having classified information leaked, since the thief could still find a way to access the files in its memory.
Find a strategically secure location in the office where the printer can be kept safe and difficult to access for any outsiders.
7. Restrict access to important areas and documents
— And we really mean, restrict access as much as you can. Get a fire-proof and insurer-approved safe for your assets and essential paperwork if you must.
If you have a managed access control system already in your office, make sure to keep track of those who have access to it, and to immediately disable the access keys of employees who have already left your organization.
8. Double check security equipment
Break-ins do not always happen overnight; people with ill intentions tend to plan their attack ahead of time and may attempt to scout the area or mess with the equipment first.
Make sure to check your alarm codes on a regular basis, especially when an employee has left the organization, and to inspect your door handles for any tampering.
9. Monitor your visitors
Just like how you would not let complete strangers in your home (at least when sober!), you should also not let visitors wander around freely at your office without verifying their identity.
Some ways you can do this is by requiring them to detail the purpose of their visit in a logbook or to show a valid ID before entering the office. You may opt to cross-section names of your visitors with your office’s blocklist/watchlist, if you have any, to double check if you are letting in anyone suspicious or unwanted within the premises.
10. Lock your devices, as well!
Digital security is just as important as physical security in the workplace. Lock all unattended computers and disable USB ports and other similar external drives to keep your data safe and secured.
Office Security: How much is enough?
The beauty of security systems nowadays is that due to the vast array of options that are available, you can mix-and-match them depending on what your office needs. It is up to you whether you want to have a security guard, an alarm system, a CCTV system, or all three at your office.
Zagame Security Group allows you to tailor your security to match your needs, as our security services range from mobile to on-site patrols. Our Victorian Security Licensed security guards are experienced and have been professionally trained to deal with any security issues you may encounter at work. Our operators are available for you 24/7 so that you can return to your home relaxed, knowing that your office is being protected even when work is over.
Contact us today at 1300 989 676 or at our website for a FREE quote!

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