Signs your business needs a security guard

With resources on the ground typically low right now and tensions running higher than usual, regardless of the premises type, having a bricks and mortar business leaves you exposed to unlawful activity.
Engaging a reliable, professional and licensed security agency will drive you to identify your key vulnerabilities and help you significantly reduce the risk of both targeted crime and random attacks.
If you match just one of the following cues to a significant part of your key operations, then your very next step should be to fortify your premises with additional security.

1. Issues With Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots are prime locations for theft and vandalism. Even if the lot is well-lit, a large space can still be empty for long periods of time particularly at night, leaving staff and customers feeling unsafe accessing or leaving your business.
The presence of a security guard will deter unwanted activity and reassure your staff and customers.

2. Retail Theft And Shrinkage

The National Retail Association has recently reported that when an employee steals they cost the company an average of $1,890, while shoplifters escape with an average of $438.
A security guard patrolling your store will automatically reduce liability and increase opportunity to identify perpetrators in action to recover otherwise lost income.

3. Confidential Records

Most businesses have no choice but to store confidential files and records on the premises, which leaves the company particularly vulnerable to fraud and IP theft (among other risks) by either employees or visitors/customers.
Adding a physical security presence will help discourage hidden unlawful activity in the first instance, and significantly impinge on attempts to remove protected data from your premises.

4. Alcohol On Site

It’s a no-brainer… if alcohol is served on a premises, a security guard should be present. Your business will be liable for injury, damage or loss if violence or threatening behaviour occurs while a patron is under the influence of alcohol on your site.
A security guard is specifically trained to identify potentially unruly behaviour early and mitigate any issues before they escalate. 

5. Emergency Assistance Is Often Required

Whether your regular operations make you vulnerable to physical altercations, illicit incidents or even medical distress, professional security is a business’s best frontline approach to manage a range of emergency situations.
A highly-trained, level-headed security guard is equipped to remain alert at all times and react quickly and effectively in response to a crisis. 

6. High Crime Location

You don’t necessarily need to be positioned in a ‘bad neighbourhood’ to be exposed to particularly high levels of criminal activity. Being in a sparsely populated area or industrial park that’s left unattended for known periods potentially puts you at risk of targeted attacks. Alternatively, if your business is in a high-traffic area, it’s open to large volumes of concealed offences.
Introducing a security guard during operating hours or to patrol while the premises is closed will significantly reduce the opportunity for successful crime.

Don’t wait until your business is rocked by an attack – instigate the right safety measures now. Call our professional team at Zagame Security, and we’ll work closely with you to identify the key risks to your premises and help you implement an effective and affordable security solution.

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