Safety Tips When You’re at The Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre security measures, including security guards, are intended to prevent crime and instill a scene of safety. Making sure that you and your family are safe when you go to the shops is a top priority.
Take comfort in knowing that your loved ones will be safe and sound by following these 4 simple tips.
Safety Tips When You’re At The Shopping Centre
1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
If you see something suspicious, be cautious and alert the security. Things to look out for are;
  • The smell of gas in the air
  • A back pack that have been left alone
  • A group of loud or aggressive people
  • Individuals lingering around an area with what looks to be ‘no purpose’
2. Know Your Exits
You should familiarise yourself with all shopping centre exits and emergency services points and have a clear path of escape in mind so that you can help others if necessary. A tip is to have good reference point for the exits, for example, recognizable shops like Coles, Myers, will have clear signage throughout the center.
3. Follow Security Guards instructions
Stay safe. Remain calm. In the unlikely event of an emergency, listen carefully to instructions and obey the advice given by security personnel, who are there to protect you.
4. Trust Your Instincts
If you do not feel safe in the shopping centre for any reason, leave immediately by the nearest exit.
The shops are a safe place, but bad things can still happen.
Here at Zagame Security Group, we make sure that the security guards we have are fully loaded with the competencies needed to provide the strongest security for our clients. You’ve put in the work to grow your business – let’s not let it go to waste.
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