Honesty & Integrity

Security Guards must be trustworthy. There are times where a security guard must work alone and must be trusted to stay vigilant. Honesty is proven essential to building and maintaining trust. This quality is a basic fundamental required by any employer to successfully protect their business.


A Security Guard must be always alert and mindful of his surroundings. It is necessary to be constantly focused and avoid distractions as much as possible. A Security Guard is liable in the lives and assets of where he is designated.

Customer Service

Aside from reporting to your employer and teammates, Security Guard is the first in line to be ask questions by the public. It is necessary to know who to contact and where is a specific department is.


This involves being properly equipped to handle any situation. Suitable clothing, communication devices, security gear are essential in this role to handle any offenders you may face.


In any role punctuality are necessary. However, criminals are counting security personnel to be late. This will give them plenty of time to do something offensive in your business.

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