On-site vs. Remote Surveillance: Does It Even Matter?

On-Site Vs. Remote Surveillance: Does It Even Matter?
Since 2020, many have seen the unbridled potential that a remote work setup has in increasing productivity or efficiency in the workplace, but can the same be said when it comes to security?
After all, with the vast amount of security-related technology at our disposal—such as alarm systems and CCTVs—it often feels redundant or an unnecessary expense to enlist security personnel as well, and vice versa.
However, there are key differences between the benefits you can reap from on-site and off-site security. While they may seem obvious, they are still important to keep in mind as you tailor-fit the security needs of your business.
1. Remote Surveillance Is (Relatively) Cheaper
Investing in physically present security guards can get expensive, especially when the cost for labour is continuously increasing. Although remote surveillance systems are also a heavy investment (due to maintenance fees and upgrade costs), the payoff you get from having these can be greater than if you have purely on-site security. After all, you don’t have to worry about paying your alarm systems overtime for their work.
2. Remote Surveillance Covers More Ground
Security systems can be spread across an entire area, thus having a farther reach than those of on-site guards who could only be present at one place at a time. This is also supported by the fact that these security systems often have 24/7 operators manning them, so you are assured that there is someone keeping guard of the premises, even if they are not physically there.
3. On-Site Security Allows for Faster Response Time
One of the key issues with remote surveillance, however, is that it may take a while for help to arrive, since authorities would be coming from the outside. This would be a problem if you are faced with a sudden emergency or threat that requires immediate attention. If you have security personnel present (and if they are well-trained), they would be able to attend to any issue that arises right away.
4. On-Site Security Promotes More Engagement
The presence of on-site security adds a human touch to your workplace, something that cannot be achieved with technology. After all, security personnel do more than just keep your workplace safe—they can greet visitors, handle routine work, or even serve as a confidant for your employees.
Not only that, as security personnel familiarise themselves with the location, they can differentiate what counts as a normal or abnormal occurrence in the workplace—a nuance that surveillance systems would not be able to judge.
So, which is better?
There are many other reasons why one form of security would be preferable to the other, however much of these entirely come down to what you prioritise for your business.
Trying to find the perfect balance between on-site and off-site security can be tricky, but you don’t have to face this dilemma alone.
We will help you figure out what works for you
Zagame Security Group will help you figure out what works for you and will even allow you to customise your security setup to your heart’s desire!
Whether you want to focus more on remote surveillance or on-site guarding and patrolling at your workplace, Zagame will adjust accordingly to accommodate your needs.
Contact us today at 1300 989 676 or at our website for a FREE quote!

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