Key Security Measures taken at The Super Bowl

With over 70,000 fans and 36 million home viewers at the Super Bowl, you can guarantee they had world class security. Plenty of measures are taken around the country to ensure the safety and security of fans at large scale events, but how much do you know about what goes on behind the scenes to keep you safe?
Here, we break down some of the key security measures the Super Bowl enacted on the big day, and where/how you might find them being used on Australian soil.
Key Security Measures Taken At The Super Bowl
1. Metal detectors
Metal detectors are now being used across all NRL stadiums. If a fan sets off an alarm, they will be asked to step aside while they are checked with a hand-held metal detector wand. If nothing untoward is found, they then will be permitted entry immediately.
2. Pat-downs
Fans are randomly selected for pat-downs and all bags and purses are searched before entering the stadium.
3. Trained Dogs
Dogs trained in explosives detection are used for random checks around stadiums on game day, as well as for random inspections of packages delivered to stadiums and media centres and conducting searches of vehicles in and around stadium parking lots.
4. High fences/gates/barriers
Barriers have been added around stadium parking lots to control traffic flow in and out of these areas before, during and after games.
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