9 Ways CCTV Surveillance Can Massively Improve Warehouse Safety

Theft from warehouses and other storage facilities counted for 25% of all cargo thefts globally. Managing a warehouse can be a huge ordeal: you ought to be very organized, and on the constant look out for surprise.
10 Ways CCTV Surveillance Can Massively Improve Warehouse Safety
Adding losing serious amounts of money through cargo theft is the last item you’d want to add to the list of things you’re worrying about.
More businesses are improving their warehouse safety procedures through CCTV surveillance and we can think of a few reasons for you to consider having a system for your warehouse, too.
Deters Crime
As we mentioned earlier, businesses are losing millions through cargo theft, but with a CCTV or video surveillance apparatus, you can prevent theft from happening.
Imagine walking into the scene, about to swipe, then all the sudden you see the flashing lights of video surveillance! Do you think your still going to bite?
A CCTV system is an excellent crime deterrent. Thieves will most likely have second thoughts on entering your warehouse if they see those cameras in every corner. They know that someone is watching behind those cameras.
If the thieves still decide to proceed with his plan, the CCTV video can help prosecute them in the future.
Remote Monitoring
Another advantage of installing CCTV surveillance systems is remote monitoring.
This means you can monitor what is happening inside and outside your warehouse even if you are hundreds of miles away.
All you need is a network video recorder (NVR) to make the magic happen. The NVR lets you broadcast the surveillance footage via the internet.
You can see real-time if people are doing their jobs correctly.
This feature is very useful if you have multiple areas to monitor and it works best if you are managing a very large warehouse.
Cuts Insurance Premiums
Insurance costs are necessary expenses. Even if they cost you a lot, you still need to pay up, because let us face it, they cover your back.
A CCTV surveillance system can help crack down on your insurance premiums. If your insurance provider learns that you installed CCTV cameras around your facility, they will likely give you a discount on your monthly premiums. This is because the chances of thieves entering your facility go down.
Furthermore, you may no longer need a reimbursement payout in case thieves break-in and steal. CCTV footage will help prove that a robbery did take place in your facility.
Covers Hidden Areas

Your security guards can roam around the premises of your warehouse, but they are not always present in every area – especially the ones that rarely experience foot traffic.

A CCTV system, on the other hand, provides ample coverage for these areas. You can install cameras on back alleys and rear entrances. These are places where criminals can hide and wait for their opportunity.
Moreover, these dark places also pose a risk to your employees. Since there is little lighting, evildoers can use these areas as concealment. They can simply hide and wait for a possible victim- catch it before a problem happens.
Better Employee Monitoring
With a CCTV system, you can prevent the possibility of wayward employees and workplace crime.
You can also use the footage as evidence to prosecute them in court in the event that any violent act or theft takes place. Keep in mind that employees tend to behave if they know that someone is watching them.
Secures Your Office Front Door
Your front door is another area that you need to secure.
It is the last barrier that protects you from intruders. With a surveillance camera in place, you can keep track of everyone who enters your sanctuary.
Before opening the door, you can check your monitor to see who is knocking. You can easily call security in case someone you don’t want tries to enter your office.
Secures Your Parking Lot
The parking lot is another area that is prone to intruder attacks.
Your car is a transitional space where criminals can catch you by surprise and strike. Sometimes, criminals break into employees’ vehicles and steal items inside.
A surveillance camera helps you, your employees, and clients feel safer. People can walk to and from their vehicles knowing that someone is monitoring the area.
Improves Cash Handling
Apart from products that employees may steal, cash is another thing that you can lose.
CCTV can help you monitor cash handling and POS transactions. The key is to place your cameras in a position that gives you a clear view of the cash handling area.
24/7 Coverage
Thieves love to break into warehouses at night.
It is the time when there are fewer people present. But with a CCTV in place, you can enjoy round-the-clock coverage, seven days a week.
In the event that thieves succeed in breaking in, you can still track the missing items in the morning when you review the footage.
With so many things going in and out of the warehouse, you must be a top-notch guy. People look up to you, and it’s your job to show up ready, and keep work running steady.
Regarding everyone’s safety in the workplace as a high-priority concern shows your leadership and genuine care for your people and business.

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